Student Senate Works on Upper Division Clubs

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade student senators attended a leadership conference at Greensboro Day School in the fall, and part of the event was to come up with a proposal for their home school.  The idea put forth by our students was to expand the offerings during the 2-3pm time slot on Wednesdays beyond just going to the YMCA.  they suggested that student led, faculty sponsored clubs could be held during that time.

This proposal went to the full student senate, which wrote it up and had it approved by the administration and faculty.  The students came up with a fun voting process which included a mini club fair, and a wide range of options from the croquet club to the drama club.  Some of the top clubs selected include video games, cooking, art, drama, anime, movies and trading card games.  Students will be working out the next step to start the first four clubs, create the framework needed to run them, and begin the funding process.