6th Grade Students Making Global Friendships

The 6th grade students of Noble Academy have been fortunate enough to be accepted into the Partner School Science Program (PSSP) which connects teachers and students of different countries through space education to expand their knowledge of math and science.  The way the program works is that each participating school is partnered with a school across the globe. We have been partnered up with the Sev School in Izmir, Turkey. Their teacher and I connected our students through an email program called e-pals.com, and we had them send “getting to know you” emails to each other. Some students have even made connections on their own through Facebook and Instagram.

The next step was to begin work on the curriculum requirements from NASA. The assignments involve collaborative research and hands-on science and math activities designed for students and are intended to promote cross-cultural understanding and global friendship. Our first assignment was to create a “Mission Patch” that an astronaut could wear describing the crew members, purpose of the mission, and name of the voyage. Our second assignment involved creating an advertisement for a “Solar System Vacation” that would sell someone on coming to visit their chosen planet. Each partner group chose to do a commercial as their advertisement. We wrapped up filming last week. Keep an eye on my Haiku page for the edited commercials!

Another part of the program involves Skyping with our partner school in Turkey at least 4 times a year. We Skyped on January 22nd, asked questions to our new friends, and shared our mission patches, along with information about North Carolina. On May 10th we will have a 3-way video conference with our partner school in Turkey along with real astronauts from NASA to share our Solar System Vacation commercials.

Noble Academy received a shout out in the PSSP Newsletter last week—check out the link below for the article and accompanying picture.
There is also an opportunity for students to meet their epals this summer at the PSSP Space Camp in Turkey. Details are on my Haiku page if your 6th grade student is interested.