Noble Academy’s Character Education and Social Life

Students at Noble Academy quickly become a part of a community that is centered around learning, fostered by supportive teachers and staff, and encouraged by peers that understand the difficulties that school can bring.

Because of our small size and individual interactions, students are given a lot of trust in a variety of areas, which allows them to enjoy a relationship with their teachers that is caring and respectful.  There are many privileges accorded to students because of this level of trust and respect.

DCIM100SPORTInevitably, any student will make mistakes in their dealings with others in the community.  As much as possible such issues are dealt with as a counseling or educational opportunity.  In the event that negative behaviors persist, the school administration will work closely with the student, parents and faculty to address the issue and restore trust within the community.

There are multiple programs designed to help students improve their ability to work with others, be respectful of others, practice leadership opportunities, and gain valuable life experience to make sure that they are as prepared as they can be for life after Noble Academy.

Lower Division Student/Parent Handbook

Upper Division Student/Parent Handbook