Free Reading Screenings

Noble Academy is hosting free reading screenings for children ages 4-11 the week of May 18-21.

The topic of reading readiness or literacy can be stressful for many children and parents.  Children sometimes lag behind in development, while other students experience reading frustration that might have a deeper root.  As parents, it is worth exploring.

Screenings are given by administrators in the Lower School whom have significant education and training in reading instruction and assessment.  Each screening, plus feedback, takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Lower School administrators will provide some insight on pinpointing areas of concerns and offer families resources and recommendations.

Screenings will take place in Noble Academy’s Lower School building by appointment only.  Contact Hallie Harding, Head of Lower School, at 336-282-7044 ext 4652 or by emailing for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The Knights First Fund 2014-15

Noble Academy is very excited about our Knight’s First Fund projects for the 2014-2015 school year!

We are in the process of completing our renovation plans that will transform our multi-purpose/lunch room into the Knights Cafe. The new design includes painting the walls with our school colors, designing a special serving area and updating the furniture and appliances with round tables, chairs, booths, a lunch bar, microwaves and a large screen TV to highlight school events. When Bo Bayless, an 8th grader, saw the new design he said, “If this really happens, we will have the nicest lunch room in all of Greensboro!”

In our library, we are planning to create a “Co-Lab” space which will provide our students with a learning area that gives them opportunities for teamwork and collaboration. Included in the new design is new furniture and special paint that will turn the wall into an erasable whiteboard. Adding a 3D printer to our digital library will provide another avenue for our students to connect with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Watch the videos and see the plans for these projects!

Noble Academy’s Wilson Reading Program

Noble Academy has been recognized for over 26 years as a school that helps struggling readers become more proficient in their reading ability by teaching well researched and documented reading programs.

As part of Noble Academy’s Strategic and School Improvement plans, we are committed to offering continued professional development in the Wilson Reading System (WRS) Program.     Wilson provides teachers with a systematic approach proven to improve student achievement.  We are excited to announce that we will be introducing the WRS training this year as part of a multi-year project in hopes of training all our teachers in this dynamic program.

The WRS program will provide our students with a consistent, comprehensive, systematic, multi-sensory approach to reading that is researched based and works well for students with Dyslexia and other language based disabilities.  This highly-structured remedial program directly teaches the structure of language to students and adults who have been unable to learn with other teaching strategies.

We began our teacher development process with a three-day Wilson overview earlier this month.  Additionally, we will provide Wilson Level 1 certification (the next level) throughout the entire school year.  In conjunction with the Wilson Level 1 training, Aimee Picon, Assistant Head of Lower Division, will be working as a Wilson Trainer Intern and available to coach those who will be using the program in their classrooms.

Our immediate goal is to educate all the Lower Division and 7th & 8th grade teachers who teach literacy.  After Aimee Picon becomes a Wilson Certified Trainer, we will continue to provide training and coaching for the rest of our staff.  Our ultimate goal is to become nationally known as a WRS Partner School.

We are already in the process of developing this relationship with Wilson and will be noted on their website as an Accredited Partner School and training site once the process is complete.     Currently, there is only one other Accredited Partner School in the entire Southeast region, located in Georgia.  This truly will put Noble Academy on the national circuit as a unique entity using best practices.