How to Start a School Year Part 2 – Puzzle Pieces

On the second day of school, Mary Mig McEntire’s class started out by writing some words that described themselves on large puzzle pieces. The students then worked together to put them together to make one big puzzle shape. They talked about how as individuals they can work together to help each other in their group.

IMG_0167 IMG_0168

How to Start A School Year Part 1 – La Tomatina

Our teachers always try to find fun and engaging ways to start the school year.  It is a great way to break the ice, develop some relationships, and set the tone.  This series of blog posts will show you some of the fun activities that make Noble Academy more than a traditional experience.

Danielle Fitzgerald, our Spanish teacher in the high school, introduced her students to La Tomatina, Spain’s annual tomato throwing festival (Why didn’t we think of this?). Rather than just watching videos, she gave them the chance to throw tomato sized water balloons at each other, and then had them write a short blog about the experience as if they had been at the real event.  Here are two of the posts:

La Tomatina, how can I describe the chaos and complete fun I had there?  Well, for one thing it was extremely loud, and it was also very red from all the amount of tomatoes I saw thrown and those yet to be thrown.  I think it was a very fun festival and it should be enjoyed by all.  I don’t recommend bringing little kids though because they might not be strong enough to handle the blunt impact of the tomato.  I saw full grown men keel over sometimes in pain, but overall it was a fantastic experience!

~Marin Smith

I had never heard of it, (La Tomatina), but when I did, I felt a surge of excitement.  So I headed to the festival.  I worried for a while, but then the tomatoes came down.  While I was pelting people with tomatoes, I thought to myself, “I would love to do this again and again!”

~Kaleb Howell

Luckily we have some video documentation of the Noble La Tomatina.  Enjoy!

Free Reading Screenings

Noble Academy is hosting free reading screenings for children ages 4-11 the week of May 18-21.

The topic of reading readiness or literacy can be stressful for many children and parents.  Children sometimes lag behind in development, while other students experience reading frustration that might have a deeper root.  As parents, it is worth exploring.

Screenings are given by administrators in the Lower School whom have significant education and training in reading instruction and assessment.  Each screening, plus feedback, takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Lower School administrators will provide some insight on pinpointing areas of concerns and offer families resources and recommendations.

Screenings will take place in Noble Academy’s Lower School building by appointment only.  Contact Hallie Harding, Head of Lower School, at 336-282-7044 ext 4652 or by emailing for more information or to schedule an appointment.