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We all find Noble Academy for different reasons. Our stories are unique and powerful. We invite you to share your Noble Story.


Simply put --- we are stronger with your support. Check out these few Noble stories to see how your support has transformed lives!

Knights First Fund '19

At Noble I found "family." I found a community of people - with varying race, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds - who were just like me...they were all parents simply wanting their child to reach their highest potential.
Click here to read more of Angela's story

Mathews Harney ‘18

A Beacon of Light for the Future


“Noble has prepared me to attend this college and it is paying off. In my opinion, college is a lot easier than high school, but that’s because of how prepared I was from my high school classes.”


Click here to read more of Mathews’ story


Jason Streck ‘93

Charting his own family history…


“At Noble, I learned that I could be an ‘A’ student. I learned how to redirect my focus so that I could achieve more academically. Noble plays a key role in accommodating a huge subset of kids who aren’t being served elsewhere.”


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Noah Taylor ‘17

Master of his own destiny


“Noble taught me how to advocate for myself. Without this ability to speak up and ask for what I need, I would not have made it as far as I have today.”


Click here to read more of Noah’s story


Laine Carpenter Rendleman ‘01

How two years changed her life for the better. . .


“It’s important for Noble to be sustainable because there is a huge need for specialized education in our community. The school offers a sense of belonging to students who are different.”


Click here to read more of Laine’s story


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