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Does my child have to be a regular Noble Academy student to participate in tutoring, testing, or summer programs?
Absolutely not. The staff at Noble Academy possesses knowledge of a wide range of teaching methods and strategies that benefit all students, not just those who attend our school. Students with and without learning differences benefit from our community programs.


What grades do we serve?
Noble Academy serves grades 2-12. 


Are we accredited?
Yes, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and hold various other accreditations. We complete the accreditation process with SAIS every five years.


How long do students usually attend our school?
The answer to this question depends on several factors.

  • The goals of the family. Some families come to us seeking a permanent safe and supportive educational environment for their child. When these students find us, whether it be as early as elementary school or as late as high school, they usually stay through graduation. Other families have recognized a weakness in their child’s academic performance and would like them to spend a few years at our school to learn strategies that will help them become more successful in a more traditional environment. These students usually attend for two to three years.

  • The family’s financial situation. Some families come to us knowing from the start that they can only afford to send their student here for one or two years, regardless of how much they want to stay. We are working hard on establishing a strong scholarship endowment so that we never have to lose a student because their family can no longer afford to send them to Noble Academy.


Do we offer financial aid?
We do have a limited amount of financial aid available. Financial aid season begins in early February before the upcoming school year. Funds are usually exhausted by June. Please click here to get more details.


How can I get an information package or arrange to tour the school?
Please refer to the Admissions link, where you will find more information. Campus tours are by appointment only. Please contact the Director of Enrollment Management to schedule your campus tour at 336-282-7044 ext. 4642.


Do we provide transportation?
We are pleased to be able to offer two options for transportation that may help some families. Noble Academy runs a bus route to and from Winston-Salem for a fee. This bus makes one stop at the McDonald's at Hanes Mall. Please contact the front office for rates and other details. 


What are common learning differences you work with?
We welcome students with a wide range of learning differences to our school. A few we see most commonly include:

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