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Our annual campaign in which we seek donations to help fund projects that our operating budget is not set up to fund.

Donations to the Knights First Fund, our annual campaign, help to enhance our one-of-a-kind curriculum.

Each year, every member of the Noble Academy community is asked to contribute to the Knights First Fund

at a comfortable level. 

The Knights First Fund this year will help us provide:


  • A program that changes the trajectory of students' lives

  • Extracurricular, fine arts, and athletics programs

  • Enhancement and maintenance of our beautiful campus

  • Leading-edge assistive technology

  • Specialized professional enrichment

  • Increased financial accessibility for families


This is our most important Noble Academy fundraiser, and we hope you will contribute to this fundraiser FIRST before considering any other gift to the school. 


Your support, along with the faculty, staff, board of trustees, parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of the school will help us reach our goals. Because 100% participation is so important, ANY GIFT, no matter the size, is meaningful!


Knights First Fund Appeal

Knights First Fund FAQ

What is the purpose of the Knights First Fund - And how does this benefit my child?

Philanthropic support from our community is essential to maintaining our standard of excellence and commitment to Building Great Futures. This is the single, most important way you can make a difference at Noble Academy. Unrestricted, flexible support enables Noble to recruit and retain the best faculty, provide specialized instruction, and state-of-the-art resources for our students.  


I have no idea how much to contribute. What is the suggested giving level?

Donations of any kind are a very personal decision. We recognize that not all families are in a position to give a leadership-level gift, but ask that each family participate in a way that is meaningful to them. Every gift, whether large or small, makes an impact on the daily experience of all Noble students. We hope for 100% participation from all current families. 



When considering how much to give, we encourage our supporters to think about the following:

What do you value about the specialized education your child receives?

What do you value about Noble’s faculty, staff, families, and community culture?

How much does your family value Noble’s commitment to socioeconomic diversity?

How might the long-term investment show up in your family’s life or in the life of our community?


Why not raise tuition to cover all costs?

By keeping annual tuition increases at a competitive level and relying on the Knights First Fund support, Noble is accessible to a wider, more inclusive range of students. Philanthropic support of the school is favorable financially over raising tuition due to the tax advantages of donations. 


Who participates in the Knights First Fund?

Everyone who believes in our Noble mission! Parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, alumni, parents of alumni, former faculty and staff, neighbors, businesses, and other friends of the school all come together each year to support Noble Academy. 


What is Leadership Giving?

Leadership giving begins at $1,000 and is one of the ways to make a significant impact on the daily experience of all Noble Academy students. This year's donors who join at the Leadership level will join an exclusive group of supporters in our Roundtable Society. Additionally, the True Blue Society is a membership club of donors who have consistently given over a five-year period through various forms of support.


Knights First Fund Giving Levels

Knightsman Circle $15,000+

Majestic Circle $10,000 - $14,999

Magnificent Circle $5,000 - $9,999

Valiant Circle $1,000 - $4,999

Gallant Circle $500 - $999

Blue & Gold Circle $1 - $499

How can my donations go further?

Many companies match charitable gifts to independent schools. If your employer has a matching gift program you can often double – in some cases, triple - the impact of your support with a simple form. If you think your company has a matching gift program please reach out to our Development Team at 336-282-7044.


What if I feel I can not afford to donate this year?

Whether it‘s $30 or $30,000 your gift to Noble Academy is equally valued. It’s a huge statement for us to be able to say that all of our board, faculty and staff, and parents have given at a level that is meaningful to them. 


100% participation is a vote of confidence and a sign that we are all invested in Building Great Futures for our children. 

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