2021 - 2022 Honor Roll of Donors 
(pledges & gifts received)

David & Joan Austin*+
Tommy & Audra Rickman*
Gregg Drees & Janet Murphy*+
Frank & Barb Smolko*+
Kyle & LeAnn Nichols*+
Rob & Cheri Timmons*+
Randy & Betsy Black+
Rick & Nancy Baker *
Jason & Kristie Streck*+
Kyle & LeAnn Nichols*+
Zach & Amanda Carter*+
Peter & Mary Rhode
Roger & Faye Hayes
BJ & Aubrey Whisler
Enno & Sophia de Vries*+
John & Wendy McKeown
Ashley Linder
Zach & Michelle Malloy+
Bethany & Craig Carter+
Turf Solutions*
Daniel & Angie Molloy*
Stefano Rosic
McGoldrick Propst Family*
Dave & Kristin Gile
John & Laraine Hill
Gary & Judy Keisling
Chris & Amy Patrick ^+
Bobby & Diane Coltrane^+
Jan Linder^
Rebecca Nash*
Lynn Miller
Kathleen Drees
Susan & Bill Hughes^+
Merrill Lynch*
Dorothy Clement^+
Tim & Jenny Rundle^+
Robert & Mary Mig McEntire^+
Angela Johnson
David & Tonya Geren*
Edgar & Suzanne Cabrera
Megan Reeves-Denton
Eric & Elizabeth Shilling
Christopher & Carrie Foley
Laura Bailey*
Matthew Sayre & Silvana Rosenfeld 
Sam & Justin Price^+
Travis & I-Li Blair^
Chere Flowers^
Ashley Lumpkin^
Toni Pyle-DeFiglia^
James & Laura Otterberg
Benjamin Maynard & Andrea Nix^+
Christy Avent^+
Aimee Picon^+
Michael & Samantha Stichter^+
Johan Madson^
Ginger Holloway^
Larry D. Coble
Joseph & Nancy Johnson+
Robert, Diane, & Jonathan Falkowitz (1st gift to our campaign!)




* Leadership Giving; Roundtable Society Member
+ True Blue Society Member
^ Faculty & Staff


Our supporters are invaluable to us! We do our best to ensure we have correctly listed all of our donors. If an error has been made, please contact Chere Flowers at cflowers@nobleknights.org or 336.282.7044.