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Full faculty and staff photo for 22-23


Where students are no longer different.

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Welcome to Noble Academy!


I am thrilled and excited to be leading this unique, dynamic and innovative community of teachers and learners. Our mission, to empower students with learning differences to pursue their highest potential within a comprehensive, supportive educational environment, is imperative to our world today. Students with learning differences are not slow or lazy, they are intelligent, creative and ambitious. They are not destined to just get by in school, but instead are destined for greatness!


At Noble Academy we believe that every child can learn and our environment is created just for them. Students with language and attention based learning differences can feel at home here, and they often say someone finally “gets” them after their first day at Noble. Our teachers are empathetic and passionate, our environment is small and specialized, and our students are smart and excited.


We believe providing our students opportunities to feel successful and empowered at school allows them to develop the confidence they need to be lifelong learners. By leveling the playing field with assistive technology, differentiated instruction and assessment, and courses in executive functions, our students find success beyond Noble in universities, community colleges and careers. Understanding themselves and their learning differences allows them to develop the self-advocacy skills necessary for real world success.


As you explore our website, I hope you are impressed by the quality of our programming and that you get a sense of the real warmth of the Noble Academy experience. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Director of Enrollment Management today.  


Gayle Kolodny Cole

Head of School

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