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If you are anything like me, you have many friends who each November participate in some sort of 30 days of thankful project or challenge. Typically this involves putting a post on social media each day in November, letting everyone know for what you currently feel thankful.

If you are also anything like me, you feel wonder and awe at your friends’ abilities to remember to post daily and to constantly come up with some creative things, often with a picture, that they feel are important and powerful in their lives. You may also, like me, wish for the organizational skills to complete this complex task, or even the time in your day to follow through with such a rigorous posting schedule.

So, instead of trying to accomplish all of that via my social media channels, I am going to try and post my 30 pieces of thankfulness here, in my blog, all at once. This is a great example of an accommodation. I am still doing all of the work, but I’m taking the executive function challenge (of remembering each day and scheduling time to post) out of the equation. I’m remembering right now, and I can get the entire project completed in one sitting (hopefully).

Without further ado, here are the 30 things I am thankful for this November:

1. Rita Rice Ledford and Ginger Parnell, Noble Academy’s Founders. None of us would be here today if it wasn’t for their shared vision, sacrifice and hard work.

2. The talented, intelligent, and often hilarious students at Noble Academy.

3. Our dedicated and caring faculty.

4. An administration that is second to none in their ability to be leaders, educators, counselors, financial wizards, salespeople, and overall experts at what they do.

5. Two of the most compassionate and competent administrative assistants I have ever met in schools.

6. Paul Cooper.

7. Those who bear the ultimate responsibility of safety for our students, by driving our buses and van with diligence and care.

8. The generosity of Noble Academy’s parents. I am forever grateful for every donated salad, dessert, box of donuts, and Knights First Fund contribution.

9. The support of Noble Academy’s parents. We work hard every day to help change the lives of our children and our parents recognize that work and support us consistently.

10. The Parent Faculty Association, which works tirelessly to help the faculty and staff in many different ways.

11. Our dedicated and committed Board of Trustees. They work behind the scenes to ensure Noble Academy is an excellent place for students to learn and teachers to teach.

12. Wilson Reading SystemⓇ is a game changer for many of our students. There isn’t anything quite like seeing a student gain confidence in their reading ability!

13. This amazing guy named Zach . . . he’s with me through thick and thin, always willing to give himself to my causes, including four hours of powerwashing the courtyard and Lower School building.

14. Isaac, my world.

15. Generous donors who allow us to offer the programming and services to our students that truly change lives. Many of our donors have children who graduated from Noble or Guilford Day School years ago, but they continue to give, since they know there are still children who need us and we still need them.

16. Student leadership organizations who give back to the school.

17. Our specials teachers, who help our students find passions and talents they never knew existed in them.

18. Noble Academy’s coaching staff, who truly believe any child can participate in sports and that participation is an important part of development.

19. Teachers who give tirelessly of their time to advise clubs, at no personal or financial advantage.

20. Students who go the extra mile to make others feel included and wanted.

21. Students who keep to themselves, feeling comfortable in their own skin.

22. Students who constantly raise their hand in class, desperate to share their knowledge with the world.

23. Students who stay quiet during class, watching, considering and thinking.

24. Students who stay focused during class, staying on task and being diligent in their studies.

25. Students who daydream during class, thinking of the future, creating new ideas.

26. Our athletes.

27. Our artists.

28. Our writers.

29. Our gamers.

30. The eccentric pieces of each child’s personality that make them be so...them!

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