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The Noble Academy Way: Through the Eyes of Faculty & Staff

At Noble Academy, we utilize five steps that help to build great futures for our students. Those five steps, known as The Noble Academy Way: 1) incorporate personalized instruction, 2) individual growth, 3) structure and organization, 4) guidance and support, and 5) preparation and readiness into our everyday curriculum. Through The Noble Academy Way, our faculty and staff are able to develop meaningful relationships with our students and their families, creating a tribe that supports them on many different levels.

What many people in our community may not be aware of is that beyond utilizing the Noble Academy Way to educate our students through their best learning modality, we as  faculty and staff also embrace those steps. It is important to us to not only teach these steps but to welcome them whole-heartedly from the top administrative level all the way to the part-time level. We spend summers and throughout the school year attending a variety of professional development conferences on a state and national level. We stay current with Wilson Language Training and our partnership with them, and connect with community organizations to learn more about the populations we serve. Our divisions meet weekly to address any student or faculty concerns or needs and our administrators are always available to talk with whomever may need a few minutes. We also engage in fun activities to bond, creating a family environment amongst ourselves that spills over into the school environment. Those activities, like the yearly faculty/staff vs. students flag football game, help us to support one another throughout the school year when we need a pick-me-up.

Weekly potluck in July that focused on Greek food.

For the past few years, the summer staff at Noble Academy, have had weekly themed potlucks – providing us the time to expand our cooking talents and have the chance to come together and socialize while we prepare for the next school year. These intentional situations create a TEAM here at Noble Academy, dedicated to our students, families, and the school’s mission where we empower students with learning differences to pursue their highest potential within a comprehensive, supportive educational environment.

To learn more about Noble Academy and our TEAM of highly trained faculty and staff, visit our website at

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