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Building Great Futures - It's why we're here!

As we enter the first full week of Dyslexia, ADHD, and Learning Differences Awareness Month, I began thinking back to the time when we decided to change our tagline. Our tagline used to be Explore - Understand - Achieve. It was a nice tagline at the time to associate with the school during its rebranding period from Guilford Day School to Noble Academy. It most definitely served its purpose and represented our school well. It must have been an exciting time for our school community to be able to be an active part in working with a marketing firm to develop a new school name, new school colors, and new school logos - all the while agreeing from the start to keep the Guilford Day School mascot - the Knight. And of course there was also the wonderful opening of our new Upper School building.

However, several years later at the end of a leadership meeting myself and two other administrators were tossing around ideas for new marketing themes. One idea would be tossed out, then another, until finally one of us said, “When talking about all the things we focus on throughout our program at each division level, what is the end result that we are looking to accomplish? What is it that comes from helping our students to explore, understand, and achieve?” One administrator piped up and said, “Ultimately aren’t we here to help our students with learning differences build great futures for themselves?” Bingo - there it was - Building Great Futures.

So for a few years more we used this theme in our marketing efforts. In 2018, as we launched a new website and tweaked our mission statement slightly, we decided to go forth with making Building Great Futures as our new tagline - the end result of what our goal is for our students. The reason I am starting this blog by walking you through the formation of our tagline of Building Great Futures is the following - I plan to address each week this month on the Wednesday Vibe! some of the initiatives we utilize in each division (and build upon) as the students advance in grades. Some of our students come to our school at various times within their educational career - even some of them returning after a stint elsewhere. But I think it is important to explain that no matter the time frame a child spends at our school - they take away a piece (or several pieces) of knowledge, strategies, or tools they can use to help build their great future.

I can’t wait to get started with our Lower School next week! Stay tuned.

-Christy Avent, Director of Enrollment Management

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