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Get Outside and PLAY!

Summer...that word just has a beautiful ring to it. It is the mystical, elusive time we dream about from September to May. It enchants us with the possibilities of vacations, quality family togetherness, rest and relaxation.

But, I am a parent too, and I know that summer is often none of those things. The trips may happen, but rarely do they actually end up involving rest and relaxation. Your whole family may spend time together, but there is inevitably tension, children fighting, or someone spilling the lemonade. Summers with our children home can seem long and difficult.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! They will be back in the loving embrace of Noble Academy soon enough.

But in the meantime, I implore you to remember that we have all too recently learned that life is fleeting. Summer should be a time of celebration for your child. A time to remember all of their growth and accomplishments during the school year. Also, a time for their brains to recharge and rest. They should be PLAYING as much as possible! Send them outside for tag or kick the can (is that even still a thing?), monitor and limit their screen time, encourage reading with or without assistive technology, and have a conversation with them about current events (or THEIR current events...who is their best friend, who are they snapchatting with, what do they currently aspire to be when they grow up?).

The Summer of 2018 is only here once. Help your child make the most out of it, but know that Noble Academy is excited to welcome them back in August!!! | Amanda Carter, Head of School

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