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Why I Love Noble Academy

by Emma Carter, 11th grade

My eight years at Noble Academy have been life-changing - Learning new things, growing as a person, becoming a leader, and understanding the skills that help me learn. It’s not every day where we take the time to think about how far we have grown since we started something new. I have taken the time to reflect on how much Noble has changed me since I started in third grade.

I used to be a shy girl in third grade who barely could read a book, stumbled on every word in a story, and couldn’t even put a simple word on paper without messing up. Each year at Noble gave me a new academic challenge, putting me in a better place than when I started. In just a few short months of being at Noble, I began to feel at home, and then I began to feel more comfortable with my academic skill set. It didn’t all click right away, but years later I am in 11th grade and I couldn’t be happier with myself and Noble.

I have truly learned the ways I need to learn best - I have become a strong leader and I am now even sitting here writing a blog post! Noble Academy offers so many ways for students to achieve their personal best here. Going from a class size with seven to nine students, being able to use technology in any form to understand new concepts, hands-on activities, and the endless amount of room for growth, Noble Academy has it all for any student. These options have greatly benefited me and allowed me to rise up and become a strong leader. I am currently president of National Honor Society and have served as president of our Student Council. I truly enjoy being an integral part of the school community.

I would not feel I had what it takes to succeed if I was in a school with 400 kids or more. Having a strong support system has genuinely benefited me and helps me feel that I can accomplish anything! The one-on-one support from my teachers is something I am lucky to have. It’s nice to be able to talk to them about anything, and that’s a privilege because not many schools are like that. The one-on-one support has also helped me to develop self-advocacy skills. Raising my hand in class and knowing my teachers will come to me and we will work out the question together - That is what helps me thrive in this learning environment.

As my high school journey is coming to an end, I will take everything that Noble has taught me to college. Going from a small school into a big university will be a tough change, but with everything that Noble has taught me I know I am set and ready for my future. Noble is everything I wanted in a high school - a quiet, small, and safe learning environment. I know that without going to Noble Academy, I would not feel as prepared for big changes like attending college - but now I know I am ready for it. I have the tools and skills I need to succeed once I leave Noble and walk into the real world!

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